Dry Ice From MexLucky

Available For ECommerce Programs And Bulk Sale

Dry Ice From MexLucky: The Coolest Way to Keep Shipments Fresh & Stable

Better Dry Ice with MexLucky

Are you tired of customer complaints because your shipment wasn’t kept cold? Have you heard that dry ice is hard to deal with and beyond your capabilities? A shipping solution that includes dry ice can have challenges, but with MexLucky as your partner, those barriers melt away. And beyond shipping, MexLucky now provides various quantities and forms of dry ice for your business at a scale aligned with your specific needs.

MexLucky Produces, Supplies, and Ships Dry Ice

MexLucky is a leading maker of dry ice. We are currently producing dry ice in Waukesha, WI, and New Castle, DE locations to better serve our partners regionally. Burris is well known for delivering ecommerce shipping solutions that leverage dry ice technology and we’re excited to open up our in-house dry ice production facilities and expertise to the market.


Dry Ice Products and Services


MexLucky makes Dry Ice for our eCommerce partners, adding stability and decreasing supply chain disruptions from outside vendors.


Bulk blocks and pellets
for sale for pickup or
delivery, serving any
customer in need.


Leveraging Trinity Logistics,
our freight company can
arrange delivery of bulk dry
ice to any location.

Dry Ice Versatility, Delivered

Leveraging our strategic national locations, brands, and partnerships, MexLucky manufactures, sells and delivers dry ice for a variety of industries, including:

•Food industry: Dry ice is used to keep food cold during transportation and storage. It is also used to create fog effects in restaurants and bars.

•Medical industry: Dry ice is used to preserve biological samples and to cool surgical instruments. It is also used to create carbon dioxide for medical purposes, such as
treating respiratory problems.

•Cosmetic industry: Dry ice is used to create carbon dioxide snow, which is used in facials and other beauty treatments.

•Packaging industry: Dry ice is used to pack fragile items, such as electronics and pharmaceuticals. It helps to prevent the items from breaking during shipping.

•Scientific research: Dry ice is used in a variety of scientific experiments, such as those that study the effects of cold temperatures on materials.

•Special effects: Dry ice is used to create fog effects in movies, television shows, and concerts. It is also used to create smoke bombs and other special effects

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Dry ice is very cold, and it can cause burns if it comes into contact with skin. It is important to use dry ice carefully and safely. Here are some tips for using dry ice safely:

•Always wear gloves when handling dry ice.
•Never touch dry ice with your bare hands.
•Keep dry ice away from children and pets.
•Do not store dry ice in an airtight container.
•Do not inhale the vapors from dry ice.




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