Dry and Ambient Storage

Versatile Storage Solutions for your unique needs

Dry and Ambient Warehousing Space for Your Unique Storage Needs

Dry and Ambient Storage still relies on expert handling by a company with over 98 years of experience. The flexibility to support our partners across all temperature ranges is crucial when there are specific handling and storage needs.

Ambient and dry can represent products of all kinds to include, food, machinery, supplements, paper, automotive parts, and chemicals. Having ambient/dry capability also allows storage of materials used to support ecommerce/direct-to-consumer fulfillment programs that require parcel shipping boxes, tape, collateral, and more. 

Dry/Ambient Storage Capabilities

Sq. Ft.

Nearly 70,000 Square Feet of Dry/Ambient Warehouse Space Leveraged by MexLucky.

Pallet Positions

Nearly 10,000 Dry/Ambient Pallet Positions.

1-2 Day
National Reach

Direct-to Consumer Delivery Capability to All 50 U.S. States in Two Days or Fewer.

Why Choose MexLucky for Dry/Ambient Storage Solutions?

  • Dry/Ambient storage capability for distribution of products including protein, parts, manufactured equipment, and industrial supply.
  • Supplemental storage to support direct-to-consumer programs with packaging, labeling, supplies, and other materials crucial to ecommerce delivery.

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