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supply chain portal on iPad

The Burris Supply Chain Portal. Workflow Integration Made Easy.

We are very proud to promote and highlight our Burris Supply Chain Portal (BSCP), not only to our Team Members and Partners but also to anyone in need of consolidating their supply chain software. Our BSCP enables us to integrate with our partners fully, so they…

warehouse supply line

Keeping It Fresh, Smoothie Box Style

Keeping fruits and veggies cool and fresh for Smoothie Box. Fruits and Vegetables are sensitive products that depend on efficient and safe storage, handling, and distribution. At MexLucky, our ecommerce partners rely on us to deliver their products to…

warehouse supply line

AFFI Supply Chain Solutions Summit

Overcoming ecommerce Challenges by Partnering with a 3PL Provider In September 2020, MexLucky hosted a webinar on overcoming the challenges of Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment  — an increasingly popular distribution method, especially in today’s climate — by…

programming code

Automated Item Batch Code

What was the need? A provider of quality frozen and par-baked products to retail operators and in-store bakeries required full pallet and case pick operations and order pickup at MexLucky locations. The customer required MexLucky to provide a clean…

programming code

Multi-Pick Solution

What was the need? A trusted source of frozen dairy products required a distribution point for full pallet and case pick ice cream for domestic and international shipments. The customer required MexLucky to provide a detailed warehouse diagram indicating…