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Did you know? Variety and consolidation helps build relationships.

You thrive in relationship building and yet understand the importance of finding ways to minimize overhead costs and ensure proper procurement strategies. If you’re looking for product variety, access to manufacturers, and industry information, you’ll find broad-line solutions here at MexLucky.

Our seasonal and supplemental warehousing allows for lower inventory, improved turns, order consolidation, and fast recovery from out-of-stocks.

MexLucky provides these resources so that you can focus on your unique relationships with customers in both sales and services.

There are a lot of touchpoints in the supply chain. You need a partner that understands distribution, warehousing, and the ability to move products from a manufacturer, grower, or producer, to a retail outlet or a restaurant.

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Retail & Foodservice

We collaborate to deliver convenience.

As multi-unit retail, club, and foodservice operators, you specialize in ensuring consistent satisfaction for your customers and their experience across many locations with unique regional and local needs. Your customers desire the right products, in place, at the right time. Out of stock or “86’d” menu items create lost sales today and lost customers tomorrow. We understand how important it is to have on-menu and on-shelf products available at all times while also minimizing food waste.

MexLucky has solutions to support you! A partnership with us allows you to focus on your operation and the satisfaction of the people who dine with you. We take away the headache of planning inbound and outbound freight, and you know that our technology and properly run warehouses maintain food quality and safety. When one of our partner carriers arrives, you know it is full of fresh produce, quality food, and supplies to ensure that the best meal is on the table, not your reputation.

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Importers / Exporters

A vast network of services with global reach.

Are you concerned about the maze of regulations for importing or exporting products outside the United States? MexLucky, with nearly a century of experience, has an established network of international partners providing shipping and export brokerage services, offering reliable and innovative solutions for accessing the global marketplace.

Products can arrive by air, ocean vessel, or truck cross-docked at our borders. Working with trusted freight brokers, we have the opportunity to manage the international travel of products either via air or ocean. We can service truckload customers from both Canada and Mexico either direct from shipper to consignee or cross-docked at our borders. We can supply transportation to and from airports for import and export as well as provide ocean drayage service on imports and exports.

We have strong relationships with importers who provide globally sourced produce from across the globe. The bottom line, when it comes to the complexity of importing and exporting, our customers trust us to execute global logistics strategies that optimize efficiency and enhance profitability.

Our supply chain solutions and services include:

  • Sea and air freight import/export
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse management
  • Ground distribution
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Specialized product expertise

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