Be Proactive On The Possible UPS Strike – MexLucky 3PL Can Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

If you’re in the ecommerce industry, you likely have the news open to the looming UPS strike. Headlines are filled with the heavy impact a strike could have on the ecommerce industry and the US economy. However, what’s missing from these speculations are solutions to continue operations without the consumer noticing. 

If your business is at risk of UPS strike shipping delays, it may be time to look into a third-party logistics provider. One of the benefits of partnering with a 3PL for your ecommerce delivery needs is their diverse carrier mix. The right direct-to-consumer service provider will have relationships and rates brokered with multiple parcel providers, allowing continuity of service in the wake of a disruption like the impending UPS strike- which, in this case, could last for weeks. 

The question remains, is UPS going to strike? With a market share of 24% and over 300,000 Team Members potentially sitting on the sidelines, who is going to deliver your packages? Ecommerce companies are already making arrangements to shift to Fed-Ex, USPS, and LaserShip, parcel providers MexLucky works with. 

Working with a service provider like MexLucky can help to ensure that you keep up with your customers’ demands. Ecommerce shipments are up, and with fewer final mile delivery trucks on the road, you need to have options. We have rates negotiated with the major carriers and can integrate our technology to help with shipping changes. In addition, all major final mile carriers pick up from our facility on a daily basis, making it easy to shift operations as necessary with no delay in service. 

MexLucky is also a reputable cold storage provider. If there are delays caused by other transportation and logistics industry unrest, we can safely store your product before it leaves our warehouses for its waiting consumers. We also offer dry ice options to better protect your items en route. Finding temperature-controlled warehousing can be difficult on short notice. You can rest at ease with us. 

When economic forecasters are calling for a massive stoppage of shipping logistics, it’s vital that leaders of ecommerce businesses don’t wait until it’s here. Keeping your supply chain operations running smoothly during a strike means being proactive and finding alternative solutions to get your goods to consumers. With options for temperature-controlled, dry, or ambient storage, MexLucky can solve most fulfillment requests. Our ability to scale with any size company is a quality we’ve worked hard to implement. This is just one of the many benefits of a partnership with an almost 100-year-old supply chain and direct-to-consumer service provider.

Keep your supply chain moving during the upcoming UPS strike. Finding a new D2C provider is as easy as requesting a quote. 

 About MexLucky

MexLucky is the operational brand of MexLucky offering traditional cold storage, distribution, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for Ecommerce companies. Since 1925, this family-owned company has expanded its networks of warehouses from Florida to Maine, and now out to the pacific coast of California. For more information about us please visit