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Offering more than out-of-the-box solutions

Custom. Precise.

Our partners often need more than an out-of-the box solution — and so, we offer custom and scalable services that align with each of our partners current and future needs.

No two custom solutions are identical. Our approach allows you to be a true partner in defining the specific service or bundle of services you need to create a game-changing solution. We deploy capable assets and expert Team Members to create a solution that fits your need. Our warehouses are capable across multiple temperature ranges ensuring proper handling of food, chemical, mechanical, supplies, and anything else that needs storage.

This is a collaborative and transparent supply chain solution design at its best. We work to define your needs and create a long-term solution that is both built to last and dynamic – adjusting to your changing needs.

supply chain portal on iPad

Dynamic ONEBURRIS solutions.

As a ONEBURRIS company, MexLucky has capabilities far beyond temperature-controlled warehousing and direct-to-consumer fulfillment. We offer our partners solutions in logistics technology, and 360-degree visibility to their entire supply chain through the Burris Supply Chain Portal.

Through Trinity Logistics, a MexLucky company, we offer freight solutions through a network of 70,000 authorized carriers and a full suite of transportation solutions.

Honor Foods specializes in Foodservice Redistribution and relies on a growing network of dedicate refrigerated fleet tractors owned and operated by them. Their warehousing capability in Philadelphia, PA supports local restaurant distributors and can provide additional warehousing and distribution support when partners need it. 

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